Textedu Features

Know your target segment

As a business, you need to have a clear understanding about whom your product or service is targeted at. Textedu is an efficient and more effective way to find and reach new customers. Segmentation of target audience can help business focus on specific customer base looking for products you have designed for, and move towards refined leads as you get more details post campaigns using Textedu.

Analyze potential client

Textedu will find that you have developed a customer based on common interests. It will help you in analyzing the potential audiences as per their interest towards product. There will be track record for each interest about products along with the product description of user activities that Textedu measures with fine-grained analysis.

Develop strategy

Textedu helps you get insight that you can use to design better and refined campaigns, As you develop your marketing strategy, you will be able to learn more about what your prospects like, what they think and what they want from a brand like yours. It will enhance the strategy of your marketing with the accuracy in client base.

Improved Sales

As you gain an understanding of what is best suited for your
potential customers, you will be able to grow better. Beating around the bushes has very low success rate without any guarantee on ROI. Analyzing the potential client is essential for better Strategies, better sales and for great ROI.

Better Customer Engagement

Engagement with client via, sms, voice, email. Once you create your
URL and attach it to Textedu. The rate of customer engagement is directly proportional to sales Conversion.

Real Time Insights

Textedu gathers insights from URL shared like, clicks, mobile number,
device and browser of the recipient...